Small Stock Pot

Manufacturer: YATO
SKU: YG-00044

Professional low pot with a lid dimension of 36x18cm and capacity 18.3L. The YATO Professional Kitchen Equipment pot is intended for professional use in the catering industry. It is perfect for preparing all kinds of dishes. It is made of high-quality 21/0 stainless steel, specially developed for use in gastronomy. The most important advantage of pots made of this type of steel is heat conduction up to 30% greater compared to standard pots made of 304 steel. They are also characterized by increased resistance to mechanical damage and the action of organic acids and detergents. That is why they are dishwasher safe and resistant to intense scrubbing. Importantly, the pots made of type 21/0 steel do not contain manganese and nickel, which are harmful to human health. The special design of the capsule base distributes the heat evenly over the entire surface of the base, which increases the heat utilization and cooking efficiency. This translates directly into their quality and the comfort of the cook's work. This solution also reduces the risk of food burning. The ferromagnetic insert in the bottom allows the use of YATO pots on any type of cooker, such as:

  • electric
  • induction
  • gas
  • ceramic

The side walls of the pot and the lid are made of thick steel, which keeps the temperature longer than standard type 304 steel cookware. YATO pots uses large non-heating, solidly fixed handles. This guarantees safety and long-term durability of use.