YATO "Santoku" knife 185mm

Manufacturer: YATO
SKU: YG-02228

YATO "Santoku" knife with a blade length of 185mm. It is made of the highest quality German forged X50CrMoV15 steel, with a hardness of HRC 55-58, which guarantees that the blades:

  • have excellent cutting properties
  • are easy to clean

Thanks to this, YATO knives are perfect for professional work in the catering industry with universal use. The multi-stage production process, carried out with the highest quality requirements, ensures that each stage, such as forging, hardening, grinding or sharpening, is performed very carefully and precisely. The result is the YATO chef's knife. The handle is an important element of the YATO knife. Made of non-slip material, it has a specially contoured, ergonomic shape to ensure the greatest possible comfort of work. The smooth surface, without riveted joints, prevents the accumulation of remnants, which complies with the HACCP requirements. An important feature is safety during use. That is why the YATO knife has a special base when connecting the blade with the handle. It prevents your hand from slipping on the blade, eliminating the risk of serious cuts. The total length of the knife is 320mm and the blade is 185mm. Its thickness of 2.5mm guarantees very high stability of the knife during operation. The knife is packed separately in a blister, which looks aesthetically pleasing on the shelf.

D : 320 X 185 X 2.5 mm