Rice Cooker 16.5L

Manufacturer: YATO
SKU: YG-04695

Rice cooker with a capacity of 16.5L by YATO. A specialized rice cooker with a "keep-warm" function. It is especially recommended for restaurants serving sushi or other rice dishes, catering companies and mass catering establishments. The device has a function that automatically switches to "keep-warm" mode after cooking. This allows the rice to be kept hot for several hours. This is especially useful in restaurants that serve food gradually, as they do not have to cook the rice several times, which saves a lot of time, labor and minimizes costs.

The device has a real capacity of 16.5L. This allows you to load 5.5L of dry rice, which is 30 servings (180ml each). The rice tank with a diameter of 320mm and a height of 210mm has an embossed scale, which shows how much rice is in it. In addition, its inner surface has a non-stick coating, which makes cleaning much easier and faster. In addition, the set includes a special silicone mat to prevent the rice from burning and sticking to the bottom. The device has a built-in sensor to prevent operation without a tank. Additionally, a removable drip tray is installed. High-quality stainless steel housing and handles and closures made of strong, durable ABS guarantee long-term use.The set includes:

  • mat to protect against burning
  • rice scoop
  • spoon for application
  • mixing spatula