Isothermal Catering Container - 90L

Manufacturer: YATO
SKU: YG-09245

Thermally insulated catering container by YATO with a capacity of 90L. The YATO catering container is dedicated to restaurateurs, hoteliers and catering activities, from small banquets to large outdoor events. It is characterized by the best price/quality ratio on the market. It is made of high-quality polyethylene resistant to scratches or dents, which protects against damage during handling and transport. A special heat-insulating layer is placed between the tank and the walls, keeping the temperature constant for many hours. In the case of hot contents, within 4 hours reaches the level of 80°C to 68°C. In the case of cold content, the temperature increase is only 6°C within 4 hours. The thermal insulation performance of the container places it at the forefront of the most thermally effective catering tools for food storage. The container has internal dimensions of 335x533x490mm and has 12 guides specially molded in the body. Thanks to this, it is possible to transport food in steel, polycarbonate or polypropylene containers with dimensions compliant with GN standardization:

- GN 1/1 65mm - 6pcs
- GN 1/1 100mm - 4pcs
- GN 1/1 150mm - 3pcs
- GN 1/2 100mm - 8pcs
- GN 1/2 150mm - 4pcs
- GN 1/3 100mm - 12pcs
- GN 1/3 150mm - 9pcs
- GN 1/3 200mm - 6pcs

The thermos also has a special decompression valve that facilitates opening and eliminates the problem of sucking in the lid when transporting hot products. Pressure equalization is achieved by pressing the valve. In addition, the container has a seal made of high-quality silicone. It is easy to keep clean due to the possibility of disassembly and a special shape which facilitates washing under running water. The thermo-insulating container is equipped with two large handles built into the body that facilitate transport. The high quality and durability of these elements guarantees many years of trouble-free use. The thermos flask has special embossing enabling stacking, i.e. stacking containers; therefore it is possible to store them in a relatively small area. The offer also includes the YT- 09246 trolley for transporting YATO YT- 09245 thermal insulation containers.