YATO workshop vacuum cleaner with a power of 1400W and a suction power of 18 kPa. It has a tank with a capacity of 30 L. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a telescopic, antistatic pipe. It also has a built-in socket that allows you to power other power tools. Enables wet and dry work. It can also be used as a blower.
SKU: YT-85701

•Power - 1400W
•18 kPa suction power
•capacity 30 L
•high suction force and power allowing for long-term operation
•two-stage power regulation
•the use of wet and dry work
•HEPA filter for longer engine durability
•telescopic, antistatic tube
•power socket for power tools with auto-start function
•the leaf blower function is also useful when cleaning carpentry tools from dust, removing dirt from hard-to-reach places
•metal housing and fasteners
•can be used with or without a bag
•5 m cable