Laser distance meter for quick and precise measurements of distances in the range from 0.2-60 m. It has the functions of continuous measurement, calculation of area and volume, 3 types of measurements acc. Pythagorean theorems, 20 result memory, variable start point, change of measurement units, continuous measurement of the inclination angle during distance measurements, resistant screen, waterproof protection class IP65, power supply of 3 AAA NiMh batteries via USB, battery status indicator. Reinforced housing, short lanyard for easy handling.
SKU: YT-73127

Intended use / Application
Laser distance meter for quick distance or volume measurements indoors or outdoors.

How to use
According to the attached instructions.
Before replacing the batteries, slide the cover on the rear wall of the device in the direction of the arrow, then lift the cover up from the sides and pull it out.
Reinforced device sealing in accordance with IP65 requirements.
Distance meter, USB cable, lanyard, pouch.