Aluminium Frying Pan With PTFE 240mm

Manufacturer: YATO
SKU: YG-00131

YATO ALUMINUM PAN WITH A TEFLON™ PLATINUM PLUS COATING WITH A DIAMETER OF 240mm. The YATO frying pan with a diameter of 240mm and a depth of 40mm is made of cast aluminum, 4mm thick. As a result, the heat is distributed quickly and evenly over the entire work surface. This is especially important when frying, as the food is evenly browned regardless of its position. The YATO frying pan is covered with the original TEFLON ™ PLATINUM PLUS three-layer coating system, which is characterized by the best parameters available on the market. The three-layer TEFLON ™ PLATINUM PLUS coating prevents food from sticking to the surface of the pan. This allows frying with a minimum amount of fat. In addition, it is adapted to work at temperatures up to 250°C, enabling frying or grilling without fear of damaging the pan. The most important advantage of the TEFLON™ PLATINUM PLUS coating is high resistance to abrasion and scratching. It is possible to use metal kitchen utensils, which distinguishes YATO pans from other pans available on the market. An important advantage of the TEFLON™ coating is also easy and quick cleaning. The handle is made of epoxy steel, which is connected to the working part with 3 rivets. The YATO line of aluminum pans with Teflon™ Platinum Plus coating received the prestigious Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair 2018. The award is granted by experts on innovative products of the highest quality.