Manufacturer: YATO
SKU: YT-73131

Professional detector of wires and profiles YT-73131 allows to detect in walls or drywall:
•live cables up to 50 mm
•ferromagnetic metals up to 80 mm
•non-ferrous metals (e.g. copper tubing) up to 60 mm
•wooden construction elements up to 20 mm

The use of the YATO YT-73131 digital detector significantly speeds up the work, increases safety and minimizes the risk of accidental damage to the electrical or hydraulic installation located under the plaster. Thanks to it, you can safely drill a hole or find a place to screw into a wooden or metal profile hidden under a drywall. It also helps to complete the technical documentation of buildings.

A large and legible display with LED backlight displays:
•selected function
•signal strength [%]
•distance from the located element [cm]
•centric location in relation to the sensor
In addition, the detector has an acoustic signal and three indicator LEDs, in green / orange / red, which additionally indicates the detection of the material being sought.

The automatic switch-off after 5 minutes saves the battery.

On the underside of the detector, there are inserts made of soft material, which protect it from dirt or scratching during contact with the surface.
The enclosed carrying case will help you to store the detector properly.